Letter to A Memoir Writer

Dear writer,

It’s a new week in Writing Your Life Stories land.

So you may be asking yourself: What are we doing here? I can appreciate that
because you’ve probably had a lot of information about writing thrown at you.

So here’s what I want you to know and what you want to focus on this week.

whats-your-story-mWhat we’re doing here is we’re learning the basic structures of building life stories.

We start by learning to write stand-alone scenes or character sketches.

That’s what a vignette is. It’s a short scene.

We’re learning how to create one buliding block at a time.

As we write and gather vignettes (or scenes), we begin to discover themes or
threads that become the glue or mortar to hold these vignettes together into a
collection of stories.

Writing your vignettes is a practice exercise. You’re practicing getting your
stories out of your head and heart, and onto the page.

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You’re building both your memory and writing muscles.

Until you write 3-5 scenes, character sketches, or short vignettes, you won’t
know how things fit together.

That’s what we’re discovering, week by week.

When you write one scene… and another… and another…over time, a clearer
vision of what you have emerges.

Until the scenes are out of your head and onto the page, you merely have an idea.

Our writing assignments become sections of a blueprint, and when laid side
by side, the overall pattern of the blueprint becomes clear.

Think of your writing assignments as your building blocks.

You only need to create one block this week. Next week, you’ll create another
block by writing another scene. Every week you’ll do this. Soon, you’ll have 4-6
vignettes completed. And you’ll be closer to your own story becoming a memoir,
or whatever type of collection of stories you choose.

We build our body of writing one block at a time.

Keep writing!

With fond regards,

debramarrs115Debra Marrs, editor and coach for writers, teaches life stories and memoir writing at https://www.writingyourlifestories.com

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