Letter to A Memoir Writer

Dear writer,

It’s a new week in Writing Your Life Stories land.

So you may be asking yourself: What are we doing here? I can appreciate that
because you’ve probably had a lot of information about writing thrown at you.

So here’s what I want you to know and what you want to focus on this week. [Read more…]

Use Nostalgia To Energize Your Storytelling

Everything about the change of seasons makes me nostalgic. I feel energized by a return to my past. Thinking about ‘back in the day’ no matter my age creates such an emotional rush. It’s one reason I write. To remember and record these scenes from my past, whether it’s as fiction or non-fiction. Nostalgia does that for us. It sweeps us into a past that’s filled with scenes—from a school yard to our backyard. Eating snacks after school, doing homework and watching our favorite shows on TV. When our memory bank revisits these scenes, we not only “see” ourselves, we also “feel” what it was like to be there.

The brain is wired that way. The brain is energized and gets all juicy when we reconnect [Read more…]